Measurements for prompt payments of insurance claims
(March 28, 2011

The General Insurance Association of Japan (Chairman: Hisahito Suzuki) has established an "Earthquake Insurance Central Command" in Tokyo, in order to support customers who have been affected by the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake, and has taken the following measures in order to help achieve prompt payment of claims of "Earthquake Insurance on Dwelling Risks". This insurance is maintained with reinsurance support provided by the Japanese government without relying on international reinsurance markets.

1. Approving as "total loss areas" by using aerial and satellite photography

In order to shorten the time for damage investigations of devastated areas, aerial and satellite photographs have been used. The areas (city blocks) where the damage is catastrophic will be approved as "total loss areas" and those areas will be disclosed on our web-site. Customers can utilize the information when they claim insurance payments.

2. Introduction of damage investigation based on customers' self-report

For wooden buildings and household goods with certain conditions, we are introducing damage investigations based on customers' self-report (through written form, and without on-site investigation).