An English Guide for Foreign Residents on Risks & Insurance
〜For a safe and comfortable life in Japan〜
(Jan. 25, 2016

The General Insurance Association of Japan (GIAJ) created the English website “Guide to Living Safely in Japan” to provide information on risks and general insurance for foreign residents.

Recently, increasing numbers of foreign people are residing in Japan. Even though Japan is recognized as a safe country, we are all exposed to various daily risks while living here. Therefore, we think it is crucial for foreign residents to obtain information on general insurance, which can cover such risks.

For companies and associations that employ foreign people, as well as local governments and support groups, etc. this website will be very useful when providing advice to foreign residents. Please use it as necessary.

the website's homepageThe website's homepage

The features and structure of the site are as follows:

- It can be viewed on a PC, smartphone or tablet.

- It explains 4 types of risks surrounding daily life in Japan: “dwellings”, “traffic accidents”, “injury and illness” and “damage liability”, and the various types of general insurance cover appropriate for each risk.

- As each page can be read in 5-10 minutes, please check the pages in which you have an interest.

The website “Guide to Living Safely in Japan”

Feel free to link to the site, but please notify us if you introduce it on the websites of companies and associations, etc.