ISJ 50th anniversary greeting

Giichi Shirakawa, Chairman

Mr. Giichi Shirakawa
Chairman / The General Insurance
Association of Japan

In 2022, the Insurance School(non-life) of Japan celebrates its 50th anniversary.
I am honored to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to all those who have been involved in the ISJ over the last 50 years.

The ISJ was established in 1972 to contribute to the sound development of the general insurance markets in East Asia, as well as enhance friendships among the people involved in the industry, by providing education and training programs.

Since its establishment, we have accepted more than 2,200 participants from sixteen regions, and many ISJ graduates are currently playing important roles in both the governmental and private sectors.

During the past 50 years, we have witnessed many successful economic developments in the East Asian region. However, in recent years, we have also faced various global risks, such as COVID-19 pandemic and increasingly severe and frequent natural disasters.

Even under such uncertain circumstances, we are committed to the development of general insurance industries in East Asia through the ISJ, to ensure that the general insurance system is maintained and functions well into the future. In closing, I would like to offer sincere wishes for the continued success of the ISJ and all its graduates.

ISJ 50th anniversary congratulatory messages

Mr. Junichi Nakajima
Commissioner / Financial
Services Agency

We would like to congratulate the Insurance School(non-life) of Japan (ISJ) for your 50th anniversary.
Since its foundation, ISJ has invited officials of insurance supervisors and staff members of non-life insurance companies in East Asia, and developed capable human resources as the basis of value creation in this region. Such efforts are important and significant for the development of the non-life insurance market both in East Asia and Japan.

As part of international cooperation in the financial sector, Japan's Financial Services Agency (JFSA) also established the Global Financial Partnership Center (GLOPAC) in 2016. GLOPAC has invited officials of financial regulators in emerging countries as research fellows, and has offered international Fellowship Programs to them. In addition, some research fellows of GLOPAC have participated in seminars held by ISJ as part of GLOPAC's Programs on the insurance sector.

ISJ and GLOPAC graduates are expected to play an important role in their respective position after returning to their home countries through those efforts. We believe that they would contribute not only to the further development of the non-life insurance market, but also to strengthening alliances with Japan in insurance business and supervision. We expect that ISJ would continuously contribute to the development of the non-life insurance market in East Asia and realize further success in the future.


Mr. Michael F. Rellosa

- President / East Asian Insurance Congress
- Chairman / ASEAN Insurance Education
- Committee / ASEAN Insurance Council
Executive Director
- Executive Director / Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association (PIRA)

Mr. Allan R. Santos

- Outgoing President / East Asian Insurance Congress
- President & CEO / National Reinsurance Corporation of the Philippines (Nat Re)

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Viet

- Chairman / Insurance Association of Vietnam
- CEO / Baoviet Insurance

Mr. Bern Dwyanto

- Executive Director / General Insurance Association of Indonesia (AAUI)

Mr. Makoto Hori

- President / The General Insurance Institute of Japan

Commemorative Lecture at ISJ General Course in November 2022

Mr. Kheedhej Anansiriprapha

Executive Director /Thai General Insurance Association(TGIA)

50 years of history

1972 The ISJ was launched with the cooperation of the GIIJ (The General Insurance Institute of Japan), based on a decision by the Board of the GIAJ (The General Insurance Association of Japan). General Course was started by inviting 20 participants in 8 regions (Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi, and Rangoon).
The backgrounds of establishment were the UNCATD(United Nations Conference on Trade and Development)’resolutions of technical support to developing countries and offered from EAIC(East Asia Insurance Congress) .
1978 Seoul joined.
1987 Bandar Seri Begawan joined and the total participants was 45 participants.
1988 Macau joined and the total participants was 48 participants.
1989 Taipei and Beijing joined and the total participants was 54 participants.
1991 Advanced course was started by inviting 20 participants from 11regions(Banda Seri Begawan, Bangkok, Beijing, Hongkong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumper, Makau, Manila, Seoul, Singapore and Taipei.)The program for middle or management class to discuss style about each market among participants.
1993 The ISJ Overseas Seminar was started for promoting international exchange and first seminar was held in Bangkok.
1995 Hanoi joined the General and Advanced course.
1996 Nay Pyi Taw joined the General Course.
1997 The ISJ’s region is defined as the EAIC member region in the eastern side of Yangon.
2001 Themes were set according to the practical situation in each region.
2007 Ulaanbaatar joined the General Course.
2011 Ulaanbaata joined the Advanced Course.
2016 Vientiane joined the General course. The total was 16regions and 35participants.
2019 General course consists of 36 participants in 16regions. Advanced course consists of 26participants in 15regions.
2020 Redefined the role of each course.

General Course

To contribute to producing persons for leading the sound development of the next generation with learning basic knowledge, know-how and skills.

Advanced Course

To contribute to producing executive candidates who can influence the industry and insurance with deep consideration to solve the management issues.

Overseas Seminar

To solve the issues in host country and supporting of developing to operate premium rate calculation solicitation, underwriting, claims payment and complain appropriately. GIAJ continue to support by sending the experts to solve the important issues.

Logo mark


To commemorate our 50th anniversary, we have created a logo for ISJ. The design was decided based on the results of voting by the ISJ regions.

The subject of this design is Mt. Fuji, the symbol of Japan, and the wavy lines below represent an open book, representing “education”.

We have also made a pin badge designed this logo. We plan to present it to all future ISJ graduates as a commemorative gift.