The GIAJ has revised its Codes of Conduct

The GIAJ has revised its Codes of Conduct(PDF 32KB)

The General Insurance Association of Japan (Mr. Hiroshi Hirano, Chairman) has revised its Codes of Conduct established in 1991, based on the changes in the social environment in recent years. The member companies of the GIAJ shall pay due attention to these Codes of Conduct and put them into practice in accordance with their individual management policies.


With the changes in business environment such as deregulation and liberalization, the trend towards higher regard for customer importance, etc., Japanese corporations were required to respond to new issues in the 1990's. Under these circumstances, the GIAJ established its Codes of Conduct in 1991 with the objective of boosting public confidence in the general insurance business and has observed these Codes since then.
Recently, the need to comply with the laws and practice of corporate ethics has grown. Also, corporations are required to act on their own initiatives so as to solve the problems confronting societies across the globe, such as environmental destruction, poverty and the abuse of human rights as well as the issues faced by local communities towards the sustainable development of our society. In consequence, the GIAJ revised its Codes of Conduct with a view to responding to such expectations of society and enhancing the Association's raison d'etre within society.


Response to environmental changes

The Codes of Conduct have been revised based on the related charters, rules and guidelines compiled by government and industry organizations in Japan and guidelines proposed by the international organizations. We have reflected these basic principles in the Codes of Conduct.

Revision of the Basic Principles

We revised our Basic Principles and newly put "human dignity", "compliance" and "active social participation" as the basic principles of our member companies in the conduct of their business.

Drawing up 12 Action Guidelines

To conform with these basic principles, we drew up 12 Action Guidelines to respond to the expectations of society as well as to contribute actively to the sustainable development of our society.


The GIAJ will prepare specific codes of conduct, manuals, etc. as required for steady implementation of the above mentioned Action Guidelines.