Key figures related to insurance claims due to the Tottori-ken Chubu Earthquake as of November 14, 2016
(Nov. 18, 2016

The General Insurance Association of Japan (GIAJ) has released the following updated figures as of November 14: the number of inquiries (*1), the number of settled cases (*2), the number of claim payments, and the total amount of claims paid for "Earthquake Insurance on Dwelling Risks".

The figures below were gathered from both domestic and foreign insurance companies.
Region / PrefectureNumber of
Number of
settled cases
Number of
claim payments
Total amount of
claims paid
(in thousands of yen)
 Tottori 5,188 4,0143,349 2,667,440
 Okayama 181 10965 48,648
 Other prefectures 523 264 112 74,316
Total 5,8924,3873,5262,790,404

*1 The number of inquiries includes the number of cases where insurance companies received requests for damage investigations, inquiries about earthquake insurance coverage, and requests for advice on policyholder contracts. The number includes inquiries for both buildings and contents.

*2 The number of settled cases includes the those cases where claims were paid as well as those where claims were withdrawn as a result of actual investigations. It also includes cases that were resolved when insurance companies received inquiries.