Guidelines, etc.

The GIAJ formulates various guidelines to contribute to the enhancement of the business quality of each of its member companies.

Based on these guidelines, each member company aims to develop easy-to-understand insurance products for its customers, while at the same time enhancing the quality of its business practices, such as by establishing an appropriate soliciting system, a system for insurance claim payments, etc.

The guidelines which have been formulated so far are as follows:

1. Guidelines on insurance distribution and claim payments

(1) Guidelines on "third-sector-products" (products whose cause of claim payments is sickness or nursing care)

(2) Guidelines on insurance solicitation for the elderly

(3) Guidelines on overlapping insurance coverage (Double insurance)

(4) Guidelines on general insurance claim payments

(5) Guidelines on designing medical certificate forms

(6) Guidelines on preventing moral risk (fraudulent insurance claims) in personal accident insurance, etc.

2. Guidelines on solicitation materials, etc.

(1) Guidelines for policy overviews and information that requires attention (Important matters)

(2) Guidelines related to the description of solicitation materials, etc.

(3) Guidelines on making policy conditions more consumer-friendly

(4) Guidelines on technical terms used in policy conditions and solicitation materials

3. Guidelines on advertising, etc.

(1) Ethical code for advertising

(2) Guidelines on comparing general insurance products (Automobile insurance)

4. Guides on compliance

(1) Guide on how to comply with the Act on Provision of Financial Services

(2) Compliance guide for solicitation
* An English translation of Section 4 (date updated: December 28th, 2020) and supplementary explanation are available.

Compliance guide for solicitation (Section 4)

Supplementary explanation

5. Guidelines, etc. on the protection of personal information

(1) Basic policy on the handling of personal information by our Association

(2) Guidelines on the protection of personal information for general insurance companies

(3) Practical guidelines on safety control measures on the protection of personal information for general insurance companies

(4) Rules regarding operating as an Accredited Personal Information Protection Organization(for the GIAJ)

(5) Rules regarding complaints and dispute resolution operations(for the GIAJ)

6. Others

(1) Disclosure standards

* Unless indicated otherwise, articles of the respective guidelines are only available in Japanese.