GIAJ released the results of a survey on risk awareness and countermeasures for SMEs in 2021

Approximately 60% of SMEs feel that “Risks have increased in recent years".
On the other hand, more than 30% have not taken measures, which highlights a low level of consciousness of the problem.

GIAJ conducted a survey on risk awareness and countermeasures with the aim of understanding corporate risks. 1,031 SME managers and employees responded to the survey.

Corporations are exposed to different risks such as natural disasters, which have been occurring frequently in recent years due to extreme weather, the Covid-19 pandemic, and cyberattacks. In addition, they are also subject to internal business risks and corresponding liability risks, such as data breaches by employees and workplace harassment.

Through the survey, we were able to understand the level of awareness of SMEs regarding diversified and complicated risks, what and how much the actual damage is, and the penetration status of general insurance.

In order to realize a disaster-resistant society, we will utilize the survey results to implement various efforts to raise the level of penetration of business customers insurance.

Key findings from the survey

1. Approximately 60% of SMEs feel an increase in risk, but more than 30% have not taken measures.

2. One in four companies has experienced some damage. In some cases, the amount of damage is "100 million yen or more".

3. Some respondents claimed to have actually heard employees say that damage would never occur in their company.

4. The main risks they would like to mitigate damage from by utilizing general insurance are: natural disasters, drop in sales, and infectious diseases.

5. One of the incentives for taking out general insurance is that “although damage has not actually occurred, it is often felt as a risk".