Loss Survey System

The primary function of general insurance companies is to pay claims properly and promptly in the case of accident. The general insurance companies must be prepared for appropriate, prompt and fair claims payment.

1. Claim Services Centers of the Member Companies

In order to provide immediate claims services for policyholders, member companies of the GIAJ have 1,316 claims service offices nationwide, staffed with 30,118 people who possess the skills and expertise to facilitate claims processing (as of April 1, 2022) . To improve their expertise, individual insurance companies also conduct training courses.

2. Automobile Insurance Adjusters

Automobile insurance adjusters estimate fair and reasonable repair costs for damaged cars under the provisions of automobile physical damage and property damage liability insurance policies. Automobile insurance adjusters are divided into (a) technical adjusters who adjust the repair costs for damage to general kinds of vehicles and (b) specific vehicles adjusters who adjust the repair costs for damage to special purpose vehicles such as mobile cranes and diggers.

All adjusters of the GIAJ's member companies are required to complete training programs and examinations set by the GIAJ to obtain any one of the above qualifications. As of July 1, 2022, 7,520 adjusters are registered with the GIAJ.

3. Property Loss Assessors

Property loss assessors estimate the appropriate amounts for loss of or damage to insured properties and also evaluate proper insurable values of properties in the fire and casualty insurance fields. There are three classes of property loss assessors graded by their expertise. They are required to pass the examinations for their respective classes in order to be registered with the GIAJ. On July 1, 2022, the number of property loss assessors registered with the GIAJ was 5,601.